IPO/Schutzhund Training


IPO also known as schutzhund is a three phase sport combing trackng, obedience, and protection.  Tracking is a very labor intensive part of training.  IPO tracking is footstep to footstep tracking in a very precise and methodical fashion.  

Dogs are started tracking as soon as possible.  Tracking training is a very time consuming part of the sport of IPO.


Obedience training is the second phase of IPO/Schutzhund training.  IPO obedience is often very different from the style of obedience many are used to experiencing.  Dogs are in high drive during schutzhund obedience and have to perform very rigorous tasks.

Dogs are started with shaping and luring at a very young age.


Protection training is often dictated by the genetic drives of the dog.  Different dogs are capable of different levels and styles of protection at different stages in their training.  

We work to develop and promote each dogs' strenghts and help to get them past their weaknesses.  

Dog/Puppy Referral

Are you looking to get your next sport dog?  We will help guide you to the correct dog for your goals.  With so many breeders out there all claiming to have the best, it can be hard to really know what you're getting if you are new or inexperienced.  

With our knowledge, we will help to the best of our ability to guide you to the right dog or puppy for what you would like to achieve.

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