Preparing for Your First BH-The Written Exam

We are an AWMA affiliated club and follow AWMA rules. If you are preparing for your very first BH it is important you are also prepared for the written exam. These are the questions for the written portion of the BH.

BH Written Examination

Effective July 1, 2013 AWMA Club: __________________________________________________ Date: __________________________ Judge: _______________________________________ Trial Secretary:_________________________________ Handler: _______________________________________________ Membership No/organization:__________________

  1. New rules that were developed by the FCI and the AZG that unified Schutzhund and IPO were approved internationally and became effective January, 2012. The AWMA follows these rules.

 True  False

  1. The AWMA a member of these organizations. (check all that apply)


  1. In an AWMA trial, you can enter for the protection title only.

 True  False

  1. When is the temperament of the dog evaluated? (check all that apply)

 At the beginning of the trial  From the beginning to the end of the trial  At the awards ceremony

  1. At any time during a working dog trial the Judge is allowed to touch the dog.

 True  False

  1. The Judge can terminate the participation of a dog in the trial due to injury or illness of the dog.

 True  False

  1. To enter a trial, the dog must be definitively identified. Which of these is not acceptable?

 tattoo  pedigree  microchip

8. The BH test is the required prerequisite before a dog may enter to earn the IPO 1 Title.

 True  False

9. Is there a waiting period between passing the BH and attempting the IPO 1?

 Yes, 1 week.  Yes, 2 weeks.  No, but they must be done on different days, as in, BH on Saturday and IPO 1 on Sunday.

10. What is the maximum number of dogs you can handle at an AWMA trial?

2 3  As many as the club holding the trial allows

11. For the BH obedience routine the handler reports to the judge on the field with the dog: (check all that apply)

 on leash  off leash  wearing a fur saver collar  without a collar

12. In the BH “Sit Out of Motion” exercise the handler will assume a basic position before giving the sit command.

 True  False

13. In the BH “Down Out of Motion ” exercise, after the down, the handler will proceed:

 15 paces  30 paces  50 paces

  1. The handler should look to the Judge for permission to proceed: (check all that apply)

 At the beginning of each exercise  Before giving the recall command  Before resuming the exercise after a halt

  1. A handler and dog can be disqualified from a trial for: (check all that apply)

 Unsportsmanlike conduct  Carrying training devices  Out-of-control behavior  Faulty temperament

 Aggression towards the judge

  1. A dog displaying which of the following behavioral examples will result in “FAILED TEMPERMENT TEST” being documented in their scorebook. (check all that apply)

 Dog is insecure and nervous; avoids people  Dog is nervous and aggressive; warns people  Aggressive, biting dog

  1. Where is the “Testing in Traffic” portion of the BH to be conducted?

 At the training field  In a suitable public place (away from the training field)  Wherever the judge approves

  1. Each exercise begins and ends in the basic position.  True

 False

  1. The purpose of IPO Working Trials is to: (check all that


 Demonstrate the dog's intelligence and utility  Measure the dog's mental stability, endurance, and structural efficiencies  Measure the dog's ability to scent, willingness to work, courage, and trainability

  1. Which vaccination is required by law in the United States?

 DHLP  Rabies  Kennel cough

21. What can result in heatstroke in a dog? (check all that apply)

 High temperature and humidity  Improper ventilation  Lack of hydration  Over exertion

22. The AWMA has a breed warden and hosts conformation events.

 True  False

23. In all trials there will be only one scorebook per dog except for DVG members.

 True  False

24. The AWMA requires that scorebooks from other organizations be stamped by the AWMA prior to the trial.

 True  False

25. Which of the following are true regarding the liability of the handler and owner of a dog entered in a trial?

 Aggressive dogs are the responsibility of the owner but not the handler.  Only the handler is liable for the dog’s behavior.  Both owners and handlers are liable for the dog’s behavior.

Answers to these questions can be found by studying the rule book. If you are unsure on any of the answers talk to your training director.

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